Frequently Asked Questions

For whom do you provide services?

BrightStone serves adults ages 22 and up who have a developmental disability. There are occasions that we can serve an individual who may also be dual-diagnosed, for example, with Autism, and/or have multiple handicaps, such as cerebral palsy. Each adult is evaluated as to their basic needs and BrightStone’s capability to fulfill those needs.

What services do you provide?

BrightStone provides a full curriculum in two major areas of learning: Job Training and Life-Long Learning. Students have the opportunity to learn in a work-based learning program while in a God-centered, safe environment. All physical and personal needs are met by a trained and caring staff. Transportation is provided (fee-based) for adults living in certain attainable areas of Davidson and Williamson Counties. After a time of work adjustment, the student is given a vocational assessment and job interest survey, and then provided on-the-job training in at least three different work areas.

How are you funded?

Taking no government funding, BrightStone is financially supported three ways (each providing 1/3 of our required operating budget):
1. Student tuition
2. Fund raising benefits and general giving
3. Private and corporate foundation and grants

What are your hours of operation?

BrightStone is open each weekday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. Adults are on campus from 8:30am – 3:30pm, year round with some time off for holidays.

Where are you located?

BrightStone is located at 3000 BrightStone Pkwy, Franklin, TN, 37064 See our location on Google Maps.

What types of work can volunteers do?

BrightStone has many opportunities for volunteers to serve and help in this ministry. From answering the phone and greeting at the front door, to working directly with the adults; from finishing products to one-on-one tutoring; from assisting with a mailing to helping at a benefit – there are many jobs to be done! Some opportunities are one-time needs while others are once a week. For information about volunteer opportunities, please contact us.

What are your current needs?

Thank you for asking! Our needs are great and they range from paper products to computers, from volunteering at a benefit to volunteering for one full day each week, and from a one-time gift to monthly sustained giving to support the on-going needs of our adults. Please view our wishlist to see current item needs.

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