Ways to Give

Thank you for considering a gift to BrightStone!  Your gift ensures that adults with special needs are given an opportunity to work, learn and play in a safe and loving environment. Below you will find a variety of ways in which you can make an impact on their lives.

For General donation questions, contact Director of Development, Jenny Myhr at Jenny.Myhr@brightstone.org or 615-790-4888.

  • Gifts by Check or Credit Card (Visa, MC or Discover) are the most common ways to give and are immediately available for use by BrightStone.
  • Matching gifts
  • Recurring gifts
    • Ongoing regular support is key to sustaining and growing our mission. Online donations can be set up to automatically and securely make your donation each month from your checking or savings account via Bank Transfer/ACH or using a credit card.
    • Or, visit your personal banking site to set up Bill Pay for automatic transfers of donations to BrightStone. Generally, there are no associated fees.
  • Gifting “in honor” or “in memory” of someone Donate in someone’s name - in honor of their special day, or in memory of a loved one. Provide the name and address of the family and we will notify them of your thoughtfulness. Your contribution amount is never disclosed.
  • Land of Dreams - The Capital Campaign for BrightStone Donors interested in making a Capital Campaign donation to help fund our expansion are invited to contact our Director of Advancement, Randy.Elliott@BrightStone.org (615-491-0096 cell).
  • Make a Capital Campaign Pledge Pledges are an important part of our Capital Campaign success! You can make a pledge today and have the option to fulfill your pledge anytime or by the end of the calendar year. Complete and return our Pledge Form to make your commitment to support BrightStone's Capital Campaign! For pledge questions, please contact Randy Elliott, Director of Advancement at 615-491-0096.
  • Planned Gifts - BrightStone Legacy Society Donors who have named BrightStone as a beneficiary of their Will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan, investment account, real estate, privately held business interest or other planned gift arrangement will be invited to become members of the BrightStone Legacy Society.

    If you have already included BrightStone in your estate plans, please contact our Director of Advancement, Randy.Elliott@BrightStone.org (615-491-0096 cell) so we can thank you for your Legacy gift decision. You can also download, print and mail or email our Bequest Notification Form to notify BrightStone that you have added BrightStone to your Will or Trust. But more importantly, we want to say thank you for considering our work as a part of your legacy.

    Please consult a qualified attorney for help but the following language can be used when making a bequest to BrightStone: “I give and bequeath to BrightStone, Inc., P.O. Box 682966, Franklin, TN 37068, Tax ID 62-1783260 ________ [a certain sum, a percentage or the remainder of the estate, or description of property] to be used where needed most or as determined by its Board of Directors.”

    For questions about making a planned gift or about the BrightStone Legacy Society, please call Randy Elliott at 615-790-4888 (office) or email randy.elliott@brightstone.org.
  • Gifts of stock Gifts of stock are welcomed! Please complete our Stock Donation Form and give it to your financial advisor. For more information, contact Randy Elliott at 615-491-0096 or by email at randy.elliott@brightstone.org.
  • Donate from your IRA using your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
  • BrightStone is a qualified 501c3 organization and may receive a donation from your IRA. Account holders aged 70 1/2 or older can make a donation, up to $100,000 from a traditional IRA without it being a taxable distribution. Talk to your IRA custodian to request a donation (payable to BrightStone) and have it mailed to BrightStone, P.O. Box 682966, Franklin, TN 37068. A donation receipt will be sent to you by mail.
  • Gifts In-Kind Please view our current Wish List. A variety of items with a broad range of prices is included. We will be happy to issue an in-kind receipt for items donated. Please print and complete our In-Kind Donor Form to provide appropriate documentation and return it with your in-kind donation.
  • Donations:

    • By Mail (please make checks payable to "BrightStone"):
      P.O. Box 682966
      Franklin, TN 37068
    • By Phone: Call 615-790-4888 during business hours Monday-Friday.
    • In Person: Visit us at 3000 BrightStone Pkwy, Franklin, TN 37064
    • Online: Please click here to donate online.

    THANK YOU for caring and sharing!

    BrightStone is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, determined by the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, unless given in exchange for goods or services. All donations are confirmed by mail with a thank you letter acting as a tax receipt.

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