Music & The Arts

Katy may be bound to her wheelchair, but she loves to sing.

Jeff can barely walk without assistance, but he can buck dance.

Justin searches for his place in life, but he loves to sing gospel bluegrass with a back-up band.

Barbara must use a motorized wheelchair and her hands are crooked, but she can place the paint brush or colored pencil in between those fingers and make beautiful drawings and paintings.

Kelly may be blind, but she can sing “Amazing Grace” on perfect pitch and bring you to tears.

Michael may miss physical therapy, but he will never miss his opportunity to play the drums.

The Arts are a vital part of BrightStone, and we are blessed to offer a full well-rounded arts program through the following:

  • Music
    • Chorus
    • Percussion Group
    • Tone Chime Choir
  • Painting and drawing
  • Dance and movement

We know that students demonstrate the ability to express themselves powerfully through the arts and feel unfettered by any physical, psychological or cognitive limitation. We have learned that they are capable of doing so much more in terms of their artistic ability than what we previously knew.

Through involvement in the arts, student’s abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives.

Music strategies are an effective way to stimulate speech development, provide organization for cognitive and motor development, and create a meaningful environment for socialization and leisure pursuits as well as provide a means to improve functional communication.

Painting and drawing provides physical therapy in movement and tone as well as excellent eye-hand coordination.

The arts also provide an outlet for our adults to show-off their skills. Each year the students present at least one program. Our annual Christmas program is now performed for over 700 local community folks. The families are amazed at what their student can do, and you can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment within our adults.

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