Health & Wellness

Learning to Live a Healthy Life

Some studies have shown that exercise has proven to be in concert with self-concept, motor proficiency, and cardiovascular fitness which in turn can affect academic achievement. At BrightStone, we strive to provide our students every tool available to affect a long and successful life by offering a program to augment the health and wellness of our students.

Exercise Program

Our physical exercise program enhances the health of our students in the areas of:





Our students go to the YMCA twice each week for exercise classes, work out areas, walking, and basketball practice. Our Recreation Therapist implements an exercise program on campus each day which is individually initiated and monitored by our Physical Therapist.

Bright Striders

Our adults and staff join together to be a part of BrightStone’s Bright Striders walking program. Our objective is to increase the number of steps walked each day thus enhancing a healthy life style in a fun and active way.


The daily health of our students is of greatest importance to BrightStone. We have a full-time RN on staff to oversee the health needs of our students, the administration and management of medications, and family communication. The nurse also provides instruction in health and wellness classes for our students and their families.

Nutrition Program

We believe that good nutrition characterizes good health. Striving to always provide the best for our students, we focus on teaching good nutritional choices to our students, their families, and the BrightStone staff.

Pet Therapy

BrightStone is fortunate to be routinely visited by retired greyhounds who are also certified pet therapists. They bring joy, relaxation, acceptance, and unconditional love to our students at BrightStone who cannot wait for their arrival!

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