Social Awareness & Recreation

Our adults enjoy learning social awareness through recreation opportunities within the community.

BrightStone believes that life can be fun and to be enjoyed by everyone! Assisting our adults to be social citizens and appropriately enjoy the recreational opportunities in our area is a part of the education program at BrightStone. That may be watching a performance at the community theater, attending a hockey game, participating in Special Olympics, or simply bowling at the local lanes.

Social awareness + emotional skills = success

When taught basic skills in self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, individuals learn how to foster their own well-being and become more resilient. That, in turn, builds a more positive climate that better engages students in learning and in all areas of their daily lives.

Our adults are given the opportunity to enjoy life by being in the community and participating in normal life activities, both social and recreational, on a weekly, and sometimes, daily basis.

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