BrightStone In the News

Tracey Kornet Visited BrightStone in Feb 2023 Tracy Kornet's visit to BrightStone
Williamson Herald Dec 5, 2022 BrightStone Christmas Concert - A Gift to the Community
Tracy Kornet Channel 4 Interviews Board Member Dr. Colin Looney 4Your Community Segment Aired Friday, Oct 22, 2021
Williamson Home Page Aug 13, 2021 “An example for the county – Gov Bill Lee and First Lady visit new Brightstone campus”
Williamson Herald Aug 13, 2021 “BrightStone to triple services with new 140-acre campus”
Nashville Tennessean Sept 1, 2021 “BrightStone’s land of dreams campus to open fall 2022
Nashville Christian Family Sept 2021 – page 19 “BrightStone’s land of dreams campus hosts Governor and first lady
Your Williamson 2021 Real estate and home edition Social: BrightStone land of dreams campus
Fox 17 TV BrightStone’s “A Brighter Future for Tennessee” with guests speakers including Governor Lee, First Lady Maria, Senator Jack Johnson, County Mayor Rogers Anderson, City Mayor Ken Moore, BrightStone Board Chairman Mike Cairnes and Founder Brenda Hauk.

For more information, please contact:

  BrightStone Founder/Executive Director, Brenda Hauk at 615-790-4888 or Community Relationships Manager, Pam Horne at 615-268-6946 (cell) or BrightStone Director of Advancement, Randy Elliott at 615-491-0096 (cell) or
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