Lifelong Learning

Continuing to learn is continuing to grow.

Each of us has the opportunity to continue learning throughout our adult life. The students at BrightStone deserve this same opportunity.

In our Learning Lab adults are given the chance to maintain intellectual skills, develop new thinking skills, and enhance awareness of the world in which they live.

Here are just a few of the things our students enjoy learning at BrightStone:

  • Functional Math and Reading

  • General Thinking Skills

  • True Life Applications

  • Social Skills, Good Manners and Respect for Others

  • Appropriate Work Habits

  • About Our Community and The World Around Us

  • Life Skills Including Cooking, Cleaning and Nutrition

  • Basic Computer Skills

Each of these learning areas is enriched by their implementation in our state-of-the-art Computer Learning Lab. Our students are provided appropriate software on their level in all the above learning areas as well as: computer use tutorials, learning how to journal, and e-buddies email program.

By using touch screen computers and adaptive keyboards, a whole new world of learning and communication is brought to light for those with special learning needs.

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