Vocational Training

Learning to Work. Adults who have special learning needs CAN accomplish vocational skills and experience success. Teaching essential life skills and job training has been the cornerstone of BrightStone programs and mission for over 20 years.

BrightStone’s main objective is to provide training in job skills and productive work habits so adults with special needs can show the world what they CAN do! 

With the concept of on-the-job training combined with teaching presented in various modalities, students learn more than ever imagined. Whether glazing individually pressed clay pieces, or mixing ingredients for cookie or dip mixes, their work becomes a true “work of art” as they put their hands and their hearts into every product they make.

Each job is broken down into its individual tasks and each student works at his or her own pace completing a task at their ability level. With many vocational areas to choose from, the students learn a variety of skills as they work on individual work goals.

Our desire is that each adult SHINE BRIGHTLY as they achieve success at their job, thus finding fulfillment in life. One parent has stated, “Each of us deserves to have a reason to get up each morning and something of value to do.” This is BrightStone’s goal for each of our students.

The BrightStone P.A.T.H (Preparation and Training for Hireability) program takes that to a new level. Through the P.A.T.H vocational program, students intern in various work environments to explore and identify their job interests.

The experience they gain helps match them to paid job opportunities they may be interested in pursuing within the community. In addition to gaining experience at their new off-site opportunities, and participation in all of BrightStone’s campus programs, students in the P.A.T.H program spend class time learning responsibilities of employment, productive work habits, and job skills.

Six BrightStone adults currently participate in the P.A.T.H program. They strengthen their skills in the real world through job responsibilities at various community partner locations. Three times each week, students rotate to various work sites and complete job skills such as bagging and assisting customers with groceries, rolling silverware, assembling boxes, organization of items, and more. Through these responsibilities, students also learn the importance of punctuality, following instructions, and respectful communications with their leaders.

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