About Us

“I want my daughter to have a reason to get up every morning and something of value to do each day.” – BrightStone Parent

That outspoken need is what BrightStone is all about.

More than 7,000 individuals who are developmentally disabled are awaiting residential and vocational services in the state of Tennessee. Most of these individuals continue to live at home. Many of their families are looking for work and social opportunities for them.

BrightStone exists to provide not only hope, but a life for these individuals where they can find worth every day. This is accomplished through BrightStone’s educational program with opportunities for students to attain job skills, productive work habits, life learning, personal growth in recreational and social activities, and community awareness in a God-centered, safe and loving environment. Medical, health, therapeutic and spiritual needs are met by skilled and caring associates.

Our desire is to assist in the life journey of functionally disabled adults who can live and work in their community with assistance.

Our goal is to provide lifelong education and to individually challenge each adult we serve to:

  • Learn and work at jobs which contribute to personal fulfillment and to society.
  • Develop meaningful job skills and productive work habits.
  • Work in a secure environment with assistance as needed while developing independent life skills.
  • Experience a richer more fulfilling life.
  • Experience and enjoy physical activity and develop recreational skills.

BrightStone is supported by recognized educators, concerned and hopeful families, a dedicated volunteer board of directors, and community minded financial donors and volunteers.

BrightStone provides full-time, year round programming, and will soon provide residential opportunities, and community work experiences.

Above all, BrightStone meets the individual needs of each student recognizing their right:

  • to be safe
  • to continue to learn
  • to be part of the community
  • to have residential and work choices
  • to be treated with kindness and decency
  • to express their own needs and desires
  • to have personalized care and health needs met

BrightStone’s approach is based upon our deeply held beliefs. We respect the needs and rights of each student and associate. We value our Founders, Volunteers and Stakeholders.

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