BrightStone Bracketology



BRIGHTSTONE BRACKETOLOGY is a fun social media campaign designed to recruit new FaceBook friends and new Twitter followers and raise awareness about BrightStone’s mission and vision during the month of March, which is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

This first year, the campaign is designed to have two overall teams.  They will be vetted against each other to see who can recruit for BrightStone the most new likes (friends) on Facebook and new followers on Twitter.  There will be a weekly winner determined from each team, and that winner will progress on to the following week.  This will continue throughout the month of March, until an overall winner is determined at the end of the month.  Only NEW likes and followers will be counted for this campaign.

Each participant will be assigned a personal hashtag, and new friends and followers should use this hashtag on both Facebook and Twitter when they check out BrightStone and join in to see their friend progress toward the final count for that week.  These hashtags will allow us to determine week by week the overall winner.

Participants are encouraged to go viral and communicate with their personal friends and followers to not only cast their vote for them by liking or following with their assigned hashtag, but also to encourage their friends and followers to help spread the message.

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