Get Involved

BrightStone is blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers, our "BrightCorps", who help with the day program, fundraising benefits, front office needs, student product sales, and special student events. Many BrightCorps volunteers spend time with our adults each week, while others take every opportunity to help BrightStone on evenings and weekends at fundraising benefits, sales, and student outings and events. Each and every BrightCorps volunteer is a vital, treasured part of the BrightStone family; volunteers make BrightStone a brighter place!

Why Volunteer?

[When I volunteer at BrightStone], I enjoy good fellowship and a sense of peace knowing I'm doing God's work on Earth. Volunteering at BrightStone is, without question, one of the most worthwhile things I do. - Colette We all need to learn from [BrightStone's adults] how to love and enjoy life. I have forever been blessed by my being a part of the BrightStone family. - Buddy BrightStone is my "happy place". When I have the privilege to spend time with BrightStone adults and staff, all the corporate job pressures just melt away. - Brian  

For more information about volunteering, please contact us at or 615.790.4888

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