STARS of the Week—Stephanie and Jenny

Stephanie was excited and honored to be named "Class Star" this week.  She was thrilled not only because she gets to go "Krogering" with Alexa, but also because she knows that means a night out with her family at her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster!  Stephanie has the most pleasant personality and is loved by fellow  students and staff too.  We recently went to Target on a scavenger hunt, which she says is her favorite Friday activity.  She loves spending her leisure time listening to the Beach Boys and cheering for the Titans! Jenny is well known for making a grand entrance, announcing that "Jenny's Here!"  That is her trademark and our day would not be complete unless we heard that announcement.  She is the best helper at cleaning up after lunch and loves to stay afterwards and make sure that all chairs are pushed in under the table.  Jenny loves to play purple ball at the YMCA with her friends and enjoys working on the computers in the Learning Lab.  Her favorite restaurant also happens to be Red Lobster!

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