Stars of the Week: Shannon & Jon

Shannon is a great BrightStone employee! She come to BrightStone 3 days a week and is always so happy to see her friends. She loves to listen to Miley Cyrus and can do a great "air guitar." She enjoys bowling on Fridays and making our famous fudge mix in the Consumables work area. She loves the dancing part of music too and was one of our student dancers in the Christmas Program last year. Congratulations, Shannon!  

jonJon is a truly awesome young man! He will always figure out a way to do whatever task he is given. He is bright, determined and so well thought of at BrightStone. He is always a participant in our golf benefit (coming up soon!) and is usually the highest fundraiser. Jon enjoys practicing for the Christmas program and making chip and dip platters in the Ceramics work area. He says he has recently been watching the Olympics and cheering on the USA team. Way to go, Jon!
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