Stars of the Week: Jenny & Justin

Jenny is one of our "old timers." She and her family have been an important part of BrightStone for 15 years. She knows the routine and her teachers say she works hard in all areas. Jenny enjoys the Consumables area most and enjoys cleaning up after snack and lunch. Her favorite BrightStone lunch is baked potato bar and you can find her playing Uno most Friday afternoons. We are so glad you are at BrightStone. Congratulations, Jenny!

  justin A big smile of satisfaction came over Justin's face when his name was called as one of BrightStone's stars this week. Justin was eager toparticipate in one of the rewards of being "Class Star" which is going shipping to help buy food supplies for next week. While at BrightStone, he enjoys making cookies in the Consumables work area and chip and dip bowls in Ceramics. Justin is a wealth of knowledge about TV and movies and cheers for the UT Vols in his spare time. Way to go, Justin!
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