STARS of the Week–Barbra and Catherine

Barbra was so delighted to be named "Class Star" this week. Mr. Randy commented that although everyone has done well in his packaging class, Barbra was one of the quickest learners! She really is a smart girl and always amazes us with her computer skills. Barbra enjoys helping out in the BrightStone kitchen, working in the paint room and listening to Taylor Swift. Congratulations for a job well done, Barbra! Catherine is always up for "whatever" at BrightStone! She keeps us on her toes with endless enthusiasm and energy! She also has a busy social life outside of BrightStone, always going to football games and other events with her family. Catherine enjoys working on computers at BrightStone, eating spaghetti for lunch and going bowling on Fridays. We are so happy you are at BrightStone, Catherine!

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