Williamson Medical Center presents the STARS of the Week–Stephen and Ali

Stephen being selected "Star of the Week" just gave him one more thing to smile about this week, as we celebrated his birthday today.  Stephen is a happy guy and enjoys visiting with his many friends at BrightStone.   Stephen's favorite work area is ceramics and his other favorite BrightStone activities include learning activities on the computer, bowling, playing basketball at the YMCA and helping serve lunch. A good word to describe Ali is friendly!  He is always the first to extend his hand when meeting new people.  Ali has a fun personality and often enjoys dressing up for holidays.  On his birthday he looked so handsome in his shirt and tie and a fun birthday hat--don't you agree?  Ali's BrightStone favorites are working in ceramics, computer activities, shopping at Walmart and playing ball at the YMCA.  Fish sticks are his favorite BrightStone lunch!

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