Williamson Medical Center Presents the STARS of the Week-Catherine and Justin

Catherine is a happy young lady who is very outgoing and never meets a stranger.  I hope that everyone saw her in her elf costume for the Franklin Christmas Parade last December!  She was a perfect energetic elf!  Her BrightStone favorites are working in the consumables room, grocery shopping, computer activities, playing basketball at the YMCA and saying the prayer before lunch. You often read or hear quotes by wise famous people.  At BrightStone, we have Justin, who freely gives out pearls of wisdom!  I wish we had written them all down, as we would have quite a collection!  Just in really into all of our BrightStone activities but his favorites are working in ceramics, computer activities, bowling, playing basketball at the YMCA and helping serve lunch.  Justin keeps us on our toes!

Our STARS of the week are presented by:

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