Williamson Medical Center presents STARS of the Week–Stephanie and Kelly!

Stephanie is a hard worker and says she is having a great time helping package our BrightStone Christmas cards.  Her other favorite BrightStone job is working in the paint room. She is a great painter and takes pride in her work.  In addition to painting, some of her other favorite BrightStone activities include riding the exercise bike, learning lab activities, and getting a snack at Chick-Fil-A. Kelly is a fun young lady with a good sense of humor.  She brings smiles to everyone each day as she comes in wearing the biggest hoop earrings she can find.  Earrings are her trademark and the day would not be complete without seeing Kelly giving her head a little shake and showing off her fabulous pair of earrings for the day.  Kelly says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in the paint room, yoga class, bowling and helping cook lunch.

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