Williamson Medical Center presents STARS of the Week–Philip and Kate!

Kate played golf at the BrightStone golf benefit on Tuesday.   She is pictured with her team. People were amazed at what a great job she did! She is a friendly and caring person and never wants to miss a minute of BrightStone's daily activities. She says her BrightStone favorites are working in consumables, riding the exercise bike, eating out and saying the prayer before lunch. When Kate is at home she enjoys watching Wheel of Fortune, listening to rock and roll music and eating at O'Charley's. Philip competes in swimming and we hear he is a tall, lean swimming machine! Besides swimming, Philip says he enjoys watching game shows and listening to pop music in his leisure time. His days at BrightStone are filled with activities and his favorites are yoga class, working in consumables, going out to eat with his friends and working on the computer.

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