Williamson Medical Center presents STARS of the week–Katy and Justin!

Some of the words that Katy's BrightStone friends use to describe her are:  beautiful inside and out, cheerful, caring, sweet and smart.  In Katy's leisure time she enjoys going to church, listening to country music, eating at Chuy's, and watching Little House on the Prairie.  When she is at BrightStone she says she enjoys delivering the mail to the staff, bowling, stretching exercises, worksheets in the Learning Lab and saying the prayer before lunch. Justin is a very serious young man.  He spends a lot of time contemplating life and puts his spin on how things should or should not be!  Having a conversation with Justin and hearing his perspective on different subjects can be priceless, precious moments.  Justin says his favorite BrightStone activities are working on consumables, going to the library, computer activities, helping cook lunch, and playing basketball at the YMCA.  

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