Williamson Medical Center presents STARS of the Week–Jock and Don!

We just celebrated Jock's 32nd birthday!  Jock loves birthdays and has the amazing ability to remember many of his friends' birthdays, even people that he does not see very often.  Jock also has an interest in adventure and likes to watch storm stories on the Weather Channel.  While at BrightStone Jock says he enjoys working in ceramics, bowling, computer activities and saying the prayer before lunch. Don is a sweet, gentle man who says he enjoys listening to country music.  When Lee plays his guitar for us,  Don is the first one to start clapping and toe tapping!  He says he also enjoys watching ice skating and eating at Logan's.  While at BrightStone his favorite activities include working in the paint room, bowling, walking, learning lab activities and playing Uno.

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