Williamson Medical Center presents STARS of the Week – Catherine and Kelly M!

Catherine is one of our social butterflies at BrightStone. She is all about talking, going and doing! One of her fashion trademarks is wearing sunglasses. She has lots of pairs to choose from and wears them every day. Catherine says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in consumables, helping cook lunch, stretching exercises and memory games.

Kelly loves coming to BrightStone and is never ready to leave. At the end of the day you can hear her say "It's 3:30 already?" She then begins to tell everyone goodbye as if she won't see us for a long time. It makes our hearts smile to know how much she loves being here! Kelly seems to enjoy all of our activities, but her favorites are working in consumables, going grocery shopping, riding the exercise bike, learning new computer skills, and helping cook lunch.

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