Williamson Medical Center Presents STARS of the Week-Bobby and Kate

We're back!  After a couple of weeks off due to summer break, STARS of the week are now back! Bobby's  BrightStone friends had some kind words for him.  They describe him as funny, a good friend and very polite, which is a good description of Bobby.  He is a good sport and seems to enjoy all of our BrightStone activities, but his favorites are working in the paint room, computer activities, yoga exercises, saying the prayer before lunch and bowling. Kate was thrilled to be named "Star of the Week".  She got a really big smile on her face!  Kate is a good friend to everyone at BrightStone.  She says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in the paint room, riding the exercise bike, going to Chick-Fil-A for a morning snack, helping cook lunch and computer activities.

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