Time to Renew Your Kroger Card!

nl krogerIf you shop at Kroger and love your Plus Card like many of us, you may be aware that you can also help benefit non-profits like BrightStone simply by shopping at Kroger. You can select an organization through the Community Rewards program where Kroger donates a percentage of your purchase back to the organization and all you have to do is login and select BrightStoneas your Community Rewards organization. If you haven't already set up BrightStone as your Community Rewards organization, please see the directions at the bottom of this page to set that up. Something that changed last year is that you now have to RENEW your Community Rewards organization on September 1st each year. Once it expires on September 1st, BrightStone no longer benefits from your purchases until you go in and renew that choice. To renew BrightStone as you Community Rewards organization, log into your Kroger account and go to "My Account." Scroll down to Community Rewards and search for BrightStone. If you have any problems, please call Kroger Customer Service at 1-866-221-4141 or visit the Customer Service desk at your local Kroger Store.  

Thank you for continuing to support BrightStone and making a difference in the lives of adults with special needs!

DIRECTIONS FOR SETTING UP YOUR COMMUNITY REWARDS SIMPLY: Sign In or Create an account at  kroger.com/communityrewards     1.  ADD your Kroger Plus Card  information     2.  Search for BrightStone in Community              Rewards   3.  Select  “BrightStone”  THEN: Every time you shop or purchase gas      4% automatically goes to BrightStone!   
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