STARTS of the week – Bobby and Kelly M.

Bobby resized (1)

 Bobby quietly goes about his day at BrightStone, and is a great example of a "Class Star".  He enjoys all of our activities so much he never wants to miss a thing!  He likes doing yoga, ceramics and his favorite TV show is "Survivor".  His friends say he's a good dancer, (as we saw in the Christmas program!) a good bowler and a great friend!  Congratulations, Bobby!!

kelly m

Kelly was so excited to be named "Class Star"!  She considers BrightStone her family and was so sad when she missed a few days last week because she was sick.  She is also always a big part of our Christmas program, as she usually has a solo part.  She enjoys working in th consumables room and yoga, bowling on Fridays and watching iCarley at home.  We are so glad to have you here, Kelly!

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