Stars of the Week! Justin and Chase

Congratulations to Justin and Chase, our stars of the week! Justin Justin has an opinion about everything. He's a fun guy, and he could make a fortune if he wrote a book entitled "The World According to Justin." Justin takes his work seriously and says his favorite job in the mix room is making bean soup mix. He also enjoys computer activities, helping serve lunch, playing basketball at the YMCA, and going for a treat at Chick-fil-A. Chase Chase is an independent young man and a great worker. He's good at all of our jobs, but his favorite is working in mixes. His other favorite BrightStone activities include going to the library, riding the exercise bike, helping serve lunch, and spending time in the computer lab. In his leisure time Chase watches Disney Channel, listens to country music, and eats at his favorite restaurant, Chili's.

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