STARS of the Week! Tara and Nicole

Congratulations to Tara and Nicole--this week's STARS of the week! Tara is a very caring young lady.   Whenever anyone new comes to BrightStone, she makes an effort to sit with them and make them feel welcome.  It is obvious that Tara enjoys all the people and activities at BrightStone, but her favorite list includes:  packaging Christmas cards, exercising with Melissa, learning activities on the computer, helping cook lunch and field trips to Chick-Fil-A.  In her leisure time at home she enjoys watching the Food Network and listening to the Praise Pickers.     Nicole started coming to BrightStone in July and this is her first time to be "Star of the Week".  She was proud to receive the honor and go to Krogers to assist with the grocery shopping.  After being here for a few months she says her Brightstone favorites are playing basketball, packaging Christmas cards, bowling, computer activities and helping cook lunch.  English muffin pizzas are her favorite BrightStone lunch.  Nicole has a yearning for adventure because her favorite TV show is Dog, the Bounty Hunter!

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