STARS of the Week–Tammy and Philip!

Tammy faces life with great enthusiasm and is always eager to share what is going on in her life with everyone at BrightStone.  She is also a lady who cherishes the people in her life and is not happy when Tammy and Kellythey're not around.  Tammy says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in ceramics, learning activities on the computer, helping prepare lunch, bowling, and yoga class. dsc_0654 (1024x683)Philip is our traveling man!  You never know where he might be vacationing next!  When he is not traveling, we enjoy having him at BrightStone, as he is a great ambassador with a great smile and always has encouraging words.  When asked about his favorite activities, Philip said he enjoys working in the paint room, typing on the computer, going to Chick-fil-A for a snack, playing ball at the YMCA and saying the prayer before lunch.
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