Stars of the Week! Tammy and Kim

Congratulations to Tammy and Kim, this week's Stars of the Week!


Tammy is a very enthusiastic lady and enjoys sharing with all of her friends her news about the exciting things happening in her life. She takes pride in her work and accomplishments at BrightStone. Tammy's BrightStone favorites include painting pots, doing computer activities, bowling, playing ball at the YMCA, and helping serve lunch.


"Friendly" is a perfect word to describe Kim; she never meets a stranger and offers everyone a warm greeting. Kim is thrilled to tell everyone about her dog, Little Boy, and the cup of coffee she will have while sitting in her recliner after her hard day's work at BrightStone. During her day at BrightStone Kim enjoys painting pots, doing math worksheets, bowling, walking in the BrightStriders walking program, and helping cook lunch.

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