STARS of the Week–Tammy and Elissa

Tammy has been coming to BrightStone for a few years.  In the beginning it was an adjustment for her, as our program is different from what she was used to.  She now loves everyone, (maybe Judy our music teacher the most!) and is always filled with exciting news about events happening in her life.  Her BrightStone favorites are painting, computer activities, bowling, yoga and serving lunch. Elissa is a people person as well.  She is excited every morning to greet everyone.  One of Elissa's great Kodak moments at BrightStone was last year when Santa paid us a visit at our Christmas party.  Many of our students were thrilled to see him, but Elissa followed him around with the greatest smile and repeated over and over "He's coming to my house, he's coming to my house!"  Santa seems to have great powers over Elissa!  The things Elissa enjoys the most while at BrightStone are working in consumables, computer activities, helping cook lunch and riding the exercise bike.

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