Stars of the Week! Stephanie and Philip

Congratulations to Stephanie and Philip, this week's Stars of the Week!


Stephanie is a hard worker and likes to stay busy. She's always thinking of others and she enjoys making cards and drawing pictures for her friends. Stephanie's favorite BrightStone activities include painting pots, bowling, doing worksheets, and playing basketball. In her leisure time, Stephanie enjoys listening to the Beach Boys, playing with her dogs, and participating in bingo night at the recreation center.


Philip is a good sport and has a fantastic attitude about participating in the variety of activities we do at BrightStone. Philip says he enjoys painting pots, getting a treat at Chick-fil-A, playing computer games, and walking in the BrightStriders walking program. A fun fact about Philip: he's a competitive swimmer! And he also enjoys listening to classical music and eating at Logan's.

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