STARS of the Week – Stephanie and Barbra

Sherri resized

Stephanie is always busy; she comes to BrightStone everyday and most afternoons either bowls, attends an exercise class or plays Bingo at the Williamson County Rec. Center. While at BrightStone, she enjoys painting, cleaning up at snack time, and loves to walk with Eric, our exercise therapist. During her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, shopping, and eating at Shoney's with her family. Thanks for making BrightStone brighter, Stephanie! Congrats!


The first thing you notice about Barbra is her rosy cheeks and her big beautiful smile.  Barbra is an outgoing young lady who is friendly and is excited to see all the students, staff and volunteers each morning.  She loves her music and has a great CD collection.  Her friends also say she's a great dancer and bowler!  Barbra's BrightStone favorites are playing purple ball at the YMCA, taco salad is her favorite lunch and she enjoys working in the ceramics work area.  You are a STAR, Barbra!  Way to go!

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