STARS of the week – Ryan and Don

ryan cropped Ryan has made many new friends since he has been at BrightStone. He has such a great personality and is a very personable guy. One of his co-workers commented that he is a great friend to everyone he meets, which sums it up very well! Ryan's "favorites" include working in the consumables room, learning new things on the computer in the lab, fish sticks for lunch and going to Chick-fil-a on Fridays. You are a true star, Ryan, great work!
DSC_0776 Don recently joined Lee during music class on his harmonica! It was such a treat to see him smile when everyone applauded and encouraged him to keep playing. Don is one of BrightStone's brightest stars and enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA, working in the paint room and having taco salad at lunch. Way to go, Don!    
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