Stars of the Week! Mike & Kelly U.

Congratulations to Mike and Kelly U., this week's Stars of the Week!


Mike is a man who shows great enthusiasm for the things he likes, and being "Star of the Week" is at the top of his list. Seeing his joy when we announce his name is priceless! In Mike's leisure time he enjoys country music and listening to WSM radio. While at BrightStone his favorite activities are working in the mix room, bowling, exercising with Melissa, doing computer activities, and helping cook lunch.


Like Mike, Kelly was very excited to be named "Star of the Week." She was thrilled that she'd get to go to the grocery store; she's a great shopper and looking for new earrings is one of her favorite hobbies! Kelly told us the activities she enjoys the most at BrightStone are painting pots, bowling, stretching, and helping cook lunch with Theresa.

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