Stars of the Week: Kelly and Jennifer

Congratulations to our Star of the Week, Kelly! Kelly is such a sweet, kind spirit and has so many good friends at BrightStone. Her fellow students say she has a beautiful singing voice and a great sense of humor. She enjoys playing purple ball at the YMCA and working in the Packaging area. In her leisure time, she watches "Full House" and listens to the "Praise Pickers." You are a great example of a class star. Congratulations, Kelly!   Jennifer has so many endearing qualities, one of which is her infectious laugh! You can't help but laugh along with her. Her friends say she has a beautiful smile and is a kind and caring friend. During her days at BrightStone, she enjoys walking during exercise and bowling on Fridays. In her spare time, she loves cheering on the Titans and eating at Red Lobster with her family. You are a special part of BrightStone, Jenn, congratulations!    

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