Stars of the Week! Katy B. and Kelly M.

Congratulations to Katy B. and Kelly M., this week's Stars of the Week!

Katy B.

Katy is a busy young lady! She was seen this week buying groceries for her mom at Whole Foods -- we know her mom appreciates the help. She also stays busy at BrightStone and told us her BrightStone favorites are doing stretching exercises at the Y, helping cook lunch, bowling, doing math games in the learning lab, and working in ceramics.

Kelly M.

Kelly had two wisdom teeth pulled last week and missed four days at BrightStone. She was not happy about this! Kelly lets everyone know there's no place on earth she'd rather be than BrightStone. She involves herself in all of our activities and has a great time here with her friends. She says her favorites are playing basketball, helping cook lunch, doing computer activities, bowling, and working in ceramics.

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