STARS of the Week–Katy and Jessica

At BrightStone we call her Katy B. The "B" is for her last name, but it could also be for "beautiful"! Katy is a busy lady and in her leisure time she enjoys listening to Christian music, watching "Little House on the

Prairie", and eating at P.F. Chang's. While at BrightStone her favorites are painting, bowling, playing ball at the YMCA and "News 2 You" worksheets in the learning lab.

Jessica is a fun and friendly young lady. She enjoys joking and teasing with her friends at BrightStone. Jessica's BrightStone favorites include Yoga class, working in mixes, bowling and working jigsaw puzzles. During her leisure time she enjoys watching game shows, dancing to oldies music, eating at Red Lobster and playing with her dogs.

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