STARS of the week – Justin and Kelly

Justin loves to bowl and is looking forward to our Bowlability fundraiser this week. It is amazing how his game has improved over the years. Justin is a great ambassador for BrightStone and enjoys all of our activities. He says his favorite activities are working in consumables, computer games, playing basketball at the YMCA and getting a snack at Chick-Fil-A.

Way to go, Justin!


Kelly comes to BrightStone each day ready for the fun to begin. She is a people person and looks forward to socializing with all of her friends. Kelly cares about everyone and always wants to make get well cards for people who are sick. During her days at BrightStone, Kelly says she enjoys working in the paint room, bowling, learning games on the computer, bussing tables after break and yoga class.

Congratulations, Kelly!

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