STARS of the Week–Justin and Don!

Justin loves coming to BrightStone and is very committed.  He takes life seriously and gets involved in every activity.  He keeps all the staff in line, as he has a great memory for detail.  The activities that Justin enjoys the most while he is at BrightStone are working in Consumables, computer games, going to the park, and bowling.  This photo happens to be from our Volunteer Luncheon this past week where Justin had a solo part in one of the songs.  He can carry a pretty good tune! Don is a pleasure to have at BrightStone.  He always enjoys our music times with Judy and Lee.  His favorite songs are the "BrightStone Song" and clapping along to "Rocky Top".  During his leisure time at home he says he enjoys watching western movies and "The Dukes of Hazzard".  He is easy to please because his favorite restaurant is McDonalds!  His favorite work area at BrightStone is the paint room, and he also enjoys going to the YMCA, bowling, and matching games in the learning lab.

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