Williamson Medical Center presents the STARS of the Week–Jock and Mike

Jock was the perfect choice for "Star of the Week" because he has been coming in with a big happy smile ready for the day.  In his leisure time at home, Jock enjoys watching the Weather Channel, listening to the Oak Ridge Boys and Olive Garden is his favorite place to eat.  Jock's BrightStone favorites include working in the paint room, bowling, computer activities, playing ball at the YMCA and saying the prayer before lunch. Mike was overjoyed when his name was called as "Star of the Week".  He jumped up, clapping his hands, and said "It's me!  It's me!"  He was then ready for his questions about what he enjoys at BrightStone.  He said he enjoys working in the mix room, computer activities, going to the library, and exercising with Melissa, our exercise therapist.  In his leisure time he watches country music television, enjoys eating at Pancho's and collecting pictures of his family and friends.

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