Stars of the Week: Jimmy & Michael

jimmy2Jimmy is a really smart guy! Recently in the Learning Lab they were talking about the election and he had all kinds of facts and information to contribute. He is always so kind to the staff and other students and does his very best in all the work areas. He enjoys the Consumables Classroom and making our newest Nativity pieces in Ceramics. He is also good at helping out in the kitchen and loves to sing "Rocky Top" in music class. Great job, Jimmy!
michaelMichael was a part of the original class of first BrightStone students. He has lots of friends at BrightStone who he enjoys talking to and working with. His favorite Consumables product we make is the blondies and painting pots in the Paint Classroom. In his leisure time, he enjoys eating pizza and Sbarro at the mall and shopping. Congratulations, Michael!
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