Stars of the Week! Jessica and Barbra C.

Congratulations to Jessica and Barbra C., this week's Stars of the Week!


Jessica was thrilled to be selected Star of the Week; she knows it means a trip to the grocery store, and she's a great shopper. In addition to shopping, she enjoys working in mixes, assembling puzzles, riding the exercise bike, and saying the prayer before lunch. In her leisure time she enjoys listening to country music, playing with her dogs, and eating at Red Lobster.

Barbra C.

There is big news at Barbra's house: she has a new puppy! The puppy is six weeks old and her name is Patty. She came to BrightStone for a visit last Friday and we were all smitten with puppy love! Barbra is a good friend to everyone at BrightStone and enjoys all of our activities. Her favorites are painting, going to the library,  doing computer activities, and helping cook lunch.

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