Stars of the Week: Jenny and Kim

Jenny Jenny is a great helper! She likes to keep things neat and is often seen straightening up the multi-purpose room. She also has a great spirit and each day comes in with a huge smile announcing her presence with a loud, "Jenny's here!" Hearing that always makes us smile. Jenny's BrightStone favorites include putting together the ingredients for cookies in the consumables room and working on bird baths in ceramics. Congratulations for being a great "class star," Jenny!   kim Cute, fun and feisty are three good words to describe Kim. She never meets a stranger and she is always quick to introduce herself. During Kim's leisure time at home, she enjoys watching game shows while sitting in her recliner and drinking coffee. Of, the life! When she is at BrightStone, Kim enjoys leading the "BrightStone Song" during music and working on nativity scenes in ceramics. Thanks for being a part of BrightStone, Kim!
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