Stars of the Week! Jenny and Kelly U.

Congratulations to Jenny and Kelly U., this week's Stars of the Week! Jenny is a good helper and likes for everything to be neat and tidy. She's always helping with cleanup after our morning break and lunch, and she makes sure each chair is properly pushed under the table when everyone gets up to leave. Tidying up is probably her favorite BrightStone activity, but she told us she also enjoys painting pots, bowling, playing ball at the YMCA, and saying the prayer before lunch.   Kelly is a lady who takes pride in everything she does; whether it's work or a leisure activity, she always gives it her best! While at BrightStone, Kelly's favorite activities are painting pots, bowling, cooking, going to the grocery store, and playing basketball at the YMCA. In her leisure time she enjoys watching "Wheel of Fortune," eating at Logan's, and dancing to rock & roll music.

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