STARS of the Week – Jenny and Elissa


Jenny likes things neat and organized. She will not leave the multipurpose room until all the chairs are pushed under the tables and all trash is thrown away.  Jenny, you're a great helper! Jenny says she enjoys playing purple ball at the YMCA, likes painting pots and her favorite field trip is bowling. You brighten our day with your smile. We are so glad that Jenny's here! Congrats!


Elissa is one of our students that never wants to miss a minute of BrightStone. Most every morning she comes in with her arms spread wide and announces her arrival with "Hey guys!" and the happiest smile.  It's her way of saying, "I'm here, aren't you glad?!" We are so excited to have Elissa here and some of her favorites are working in consumables, shopping on Friday's and clean up duty after snack. You are so special, Elissa, great job!

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