Stars of the Week! Ali and Jenny

Congratulations to Ali and Jenny, this week's Stars of the Week!


Do you like to arm wrestle? If so, you've met your match with Ali! His favorite wrestling partner at BrightStone is Lee (or Mr. Rose, as he calls him). In addition to arm wrestling, Ali enjoys painting pots, bowling, doing computer activities, helping cook lunch, and playing ball at the Y. In his leisure time he enjoys watching "Everybody Loves Raymond," listening to pop music, and eating at Captain D's.


Jenny is our "tidy-up" lady; she doesn't want to leave the multi-purpose room until things look just right. She even likes to help our kitchen aide, Theresa, with the dishes! Her other favorite BrightStone activities include painting pots, riding the exercise bike, and grocery shopping. In her leisure time she enjoys listening to country music, watching game shows, and eating at Taco Bell.

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