STARS of the Week–Elissa and Stephanie!

Elissa gets into the spirit of BrightStone.  She is the first one to jump up and congratulate a fellow student or staff person for their birthday or for a special accomplishment.  Elissa says her favorite work area is consumables; she also enjoys riding the exercise bike, bowling, learning games on the computer and saying the prayer before lunch.  Elissa is a Tennessee Vols and  Titans fan.  She is also a great dancer! Stephanie is one of our most dedicated and willing workers at BrightStone.  She is always ready to work and anxious to do her very best.  Stephanie's favorite job at BrightStone is working in the paint room.  She also enjoys practicing her math skills, helping cook lunch and our trips to Chick-Fil-A for a snack.  In her leisure time she enjoys eating at Shoney's, listening to the Beach Boys and playing with her dogs, Max and Daisy.

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