STARS of the Week! Cathy and Michael

Cathy H

Cathy is a fun and feisty lady who will gladly tell you what she likes.  Trace Adkins tops her list of singers and running a close second would be Elvis!  She also enjoys watching evangelists on the television and working jigsaw puzzles in her leisure time.  When she is at BrightStone she says her favorite activities are working in the paint room, computer activities and helping cook lunch.  Congrats to you, Cathy!

michael cropped

Michael is overcome with emotion when his name is called as "Star of the Week!"  He has great rhythm and will be playing the drums during the Christmas program.  Michael says his favorite BrightStone activities are working in the consumables room, getting a snack at Chick-fil-a, computer activities and walking.  He says Michael Jackson is his favorite singer and pizza is his favorite food.  Way to go , Michael!
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