STARS of the week – Catherine and Bobby

Catherine is a very busy and active young lady. She is a good sport and is ready for all the fun activities at BrightStone. Catherine says she enjoys working in consumables, going to Wal-mart, practicing her computer skills, helping cook lunch, and playing basketball at the YMCA. During her leisure time she enjoys eating at Chuy's, listening to county music, and cheering for the UT Vols.

Way to go, Catherine!


Bobby is a quiet gentleman, but has a mischievous sense of humor! Bobby's list of BrightStone favorites are working in ceramics, bowling, matching games on the computer, helping serve lunch, and going to the YMCA. His personal favorites are eating at Outback Steakhouse, listening to county music, watching "Judge Judy," and is a UT Vols fan.

Congratulations, Bobby!

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