Stars of the Week! Catherine and Allen

Congratulations to Catherine and Allen, this week's Stars of the Week!

Catherine (right) with her friend Jennifer

Catherine is always looking for fun. She wore an elf costume (complete with sunglasses) in the Franklin Christmas Parade last year; she looked great and walked the whole parade route waving to everyone! Each morning she comes to BrightStone happy and ready for her day. She says her favorite BrightStone activities are painting, shopping, computer activities, cooking, and stretching exercises.


Allen is a busy man who likes to stay on the go. We often see him and his roommate, Robert, shopping and eating around town. Our Stars of the Week assist Theresa and Billy with grocery shopping for next week's lunches, and Allen was thrilled to help out yesterday! In addition to shopping, Allen enjoys working in consumables, outings to Chick-fil-A, computer activities, cooking, and riding the exercise bikes.

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